Staging Services

Give your home's interior a fresh and appealing look that will help it sell FAST!

fresh dining room look

Vacant Home Staging

We will provide furniture and accessories, to create a warm, comfortable, and inviting vibe for your vacant home. This allows your future buyers to  immediately envision themselves living there!
empty home
living room

Occupied Home Staging

Working with your existing furniture, our home staging design teams, will work to enhance your home’s natural aesthetic, help declutter, and create looks that are appealing to your buyers.


One of our top designers will come to your home and work with you to decide what you need to do to sell fast and get the most ROI for your home. Our design teams are knowledgeable on all of the current style trends and have the products to make your home stand out!


After viewing your property, we will decide which furniture from our collection will best fit your home. Upon furniture selection, our team will choose appropriate lamps, art and accessories to complete the look.


Our team of licensed and insured professionals will work together to bring the vision to life. The goal is to be in and out as quickly as possible, so that you can get down to important part. Selling your house!

EY-Designs has a blended style of modern and traditional. We bring life into a space with color and texture. Our knowledge of current trends allows us to ensure your home will appeal to a broad selection of buyers. The large inventory of items is continually expanding so that our designers always have what they need to complete the look!

A fresh look for your home will help perspective buyers see themselves in that space and create a warm and welcoming energy to help your home sell faster. Schedule your home staging appointment with one of our professional staging designers today!
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